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Have Questions About Real Estate Right Now?

This is NOT a COVID-19 tell-all.

Over the past few weeks, many of you have reached out by phone, email, or text with questions about our real estate market. What we’re facing today is drastically different from the prior “Great Recession,” which was caused by a housing crisis. There’s a lot of confusion right now.

To that end, I’m scheduling 15-20 minute Zoom sessions online with clients, prospective buyers or sellers, or anyone interested in setting the record straight. We’ll discuss what’s happening on the ground, in real-time in real estate right now. Things are changing hour by hour, day by day.

Like you, I have received so many copy-and-paste COVID emails or social posts. I find these mass email and social posts from non-medical sources are causing fear and uncertainty in the housing segment. When I want to know all things medical, I call my sister or neighbor — because both are physicians. When they want to know all things real estate, they call me.

Please feel free to do the same as we navigate through these uncharted waters.

I’ve facilitated hundreds of real estate transactions. And not in the height of the market, but specifically during the last housing crisis. I know exactly what it’s like working through a transaction in uncertain and incredibly scary times. Real estate brokers have — fortunately — been added to the essential business list signed off by Gov. Inslee. I’m here to help.

I’m happy to schedule a video Zoom conference or a just simple phone call, whatever you’re comfortable with. Sometimes it’s nice to just talk it out, no pressure.

Stay safe, stay healthy and let’s stay together and work through this.

All the best,

Chris Sudore

Personal cell: 206.799.2244