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Broadmoor is a gated residential community of 85 acres (340,000 m²) and golf course of 115 acres (465,000 m²) in Seattle, Washington. It is bounded on the west by the Washington Park Arboretum, on the south by E. Madison Street, beyond which is the Washington Park neighborhood, on the east by 37th Avenue E., beyond which is the Madison Park neighborhood, and on the north by Union Bay marshland. It was founded on September 10, 1924. It is an affluent neighborhood, filled with Seattle’s upper-class.

Broadmoor was developed on land that had been logged by the Puget Mill Company for sixty years. In 1920, the parcel was split in two. The western 230 acres (930,000 m²) were given to the city, who developed Washington Park on the site; the eastern 200 acres (800,000 m²) were developed as Broadmoor by a group of businessmen that included E. G. Ames, general manager of Puget Mill.