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Property Views: Work Smart, Go Fast

What a difference a year makes. One year ago, life skidded to a stop in the still-early days of the COVID-19 pandemic, as we looked at everything with uncertainty and not a little fear. Workers were sent home, some businesses shut down completely, and the real...

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Property View: There’s light, and there’s hope

As we look toward the end of a year in which everything, even our most cherished holiday traditions, has been turned on its head, there are reasons to be hopeful. This year has taught us some great lessons about being resilient and able to adapt to big cha...

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Welcome to your home in Seattle

Editor’s Note: In December, the Queen Anne & Magnolia News and Madison Park Times released our Annual Manual, featuring different aspects and points of view about Seattle. Chris Sudore’s column is an extension of the Annual Manual we are proud to featu...

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Property Views: Selling real estate during a pandemic

Before the COVID-19 crisis, all signs pointed to 2020’s real estate market being one for the record books, with sales volume and asking prices surpassing the highs of 2017’s record-setting sales. To mirror that stat, my team had a record number of cl...

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Have Questions About Real Estate Right Now?

This is NOT a COVID-19 tell-all. Over the past few weeks, many of you have reached out by phone, email, or text with questions about our real estate market. What we’re facing today is drastically different from the prior “Great Recession,” which was c...

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Looking ahead to 2020’s real estate market

The 2019 real estate market in Seattle ended up looking a lot like the 2018 market, and it’s a good predictor of what we’ll see in the year ahead. We closed out last year with a bang — a ferocious fall filled with busy buyers after a lazy summer. In f...

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