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Property Views: A tale of two markets

Rather than “A Tale of Two Cities,” this is the tale of two markets. In one, it’s the best of times. In the other, it’s not even close to the worst of times, if you look closely — and you can make it the best if you’re strategic. Last June conti...

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The spring market is hot, hot, hot

Spring has sprung in the world of real estate. In particular, the Seattle housing market is starting to become active again, especially in that sweet spot of houses priced between $450,000 and $1 million. The sky is brighter in the market for homes more th...

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Local market cools after election

All real estate is local, goes the saying. The number of sales, inventory, days on market, price per square foot, and a host of other factors function to create even hyper-local hot or cold spots. Then this last presidential election happens, and that rule ...

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