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The real estate sky is not falling

You can’t get away from it. In every newspaper, blog, or TV news broadcast, it’s the same story, in the scariest tone — the real estate market is falling. It’s a manufactured narrative — the data tells a different story. The scary headlines, t...

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New normal in the real estate market

Wherever I go, everyone has an opinion on the Seattle real estate market. There are those who think it’s been way too good and the crash is coming and are frightened into inaction. Then you find the ones who think it’s still okay, but we’ve moved into a ...

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Shift, not a crash in real estate market

Despite what you may have read or heard, the Seattle real estate market isn’t crashing. The sky isn’t falling. It is, however, a market in transition beyond the usual seasonal slowdown. It’s not the bubble bursting; there’s no need to panic. But...

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Half-time in Seattle’s real estate market

While this spring was insane in the Seattle real estate market, we’re coming into a temporary slowdown. Independence Day marks the beginning of a traditional lull for a few weeks every summer, even in the hot home-sales climate we’ve experienced. There ...

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Coming to a tipping point in the market

There’s only one way to describe the Seattle real estate market at this moment. It’s completely crazy. Not just the pace, where we’re seeing homes sell in hours of hitting the multiple listing service with several offers. Not just the prices, ...

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We know where we are, but what is coming?

Whether I am talking with clients or catching up with neighbors at the grocery store, it seems that every day someone asks me, “How’s the market?” or I’m asked, “What do you think is going to happen in a year or two?” My answer to the first ...

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